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Boosting Posts on Facebook

13th June 2020
In this video we go through the basics of paying to have your posts reach more customers on Facebook. ... read more

What happens to us

15th February 2015
In 2015 Waterfall Way Designs started operating in a different way. After 6 years we were not getting ahead, our clients had websites but they were not bringing a significant revenue for the client's business. Something had to change. After working with a corporate consultant we started to pursue a ... read more

How to embed a YouTube video in your website

22nd January 2015
The video below shows you step by step how to embed a YouTube video in any page of your website. ... read more

Mailbox quota

12th January 2015
If you use our email services you may have received an email with a Mailbox Size Warning. This only occurs to a few of our clients, but we wanted to spell it out so you understood what was going on. When we created your website we put it on a server in Sydney. There is a certain amount of space we ... read more

How to refresh your page

5th January 2015
When we are working with you on your website we will seek your feedback. We will send you a link to your website on our testing server and ask for your opinion on its look, feel, anything you want to tell us.When we do this we will ask you to refresh your page. What does 'refresh your page' mean? ... read more

How long will my website last?

21st August 2014
How long a website will last is not often discussed. Depending on your knowledge of technology, you bring your own expectations. We would like to outline here how, why and when your website will go out of date. Technological Your website is built using the following technology. HTML – this ... read more

Setting up Google Authorship

18th March 2013
Where Google puts your website in its search results is based on hundreds of factors. These were related to ranking the web page. Things like: Keywords/search terms in the page's content. Unique and good quality content. Other respectable websites linking to your site. Using thes ... read more

Who is your website for?

14th February 2013
The first stage of every website design is to identify who it is for. If the website is centred around the needs of your customers it will work. Having these needs identified means that you can assess a websites performance. You have objectives and measures by which you can see how your website is ... read more

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics

11th February 2013
Google analytics is plugged into every one of our new websites. It is software provided by Google to keep track of your websites performance. In this article we will show you how to access analytics and start examining the data. The objective of this is to refine your website and make it benefit you ... read more

Your website should work

17th July 2012
Times are tough in business. Since 2008's GFC there has been a gloom over business in general, people's wallets and purses are being opened less and people are saving more. Businesses are concerned where the next sale or project will come from. We know ourselves things have been tough. As a services ... read more

Website Owner Scams

9th December 2011
Below is a list of common scams perpetrated on website owners. These may reach you by phone or email. If you do receive these or anything concerning your website you can contact us. We are happy to give advice freely.  Domain Name Renewal Scam What is it? There are two ongoing costs associated ... read more

Making your advertising dollar go further

1st August 2011
I enjoy reading local papers, how our small rural community is getting ahead, what people have been up to. I also like looking at the advertising. What are other businesses doing, how they are marketing their business. In a lot of cases if they include a url I will have a look at their website. I am ... read more

Declining Retail and the Internet

26th July 2011
The economy has had a bit of a tough time since late 2008 and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The world did not end, but there has been a change in our consumer culture I think. We are saving more than we have in the last 20 years. The high Australian dollar has made imported goods cheaper for us ... read more

Is my website performing?

31st January 2011
Is your website doing what you expected? You may have just treated it like advertising, spent the money and hoped it bought in some clients. You might have thought getting a website was just one of those things you had to do nowdays as a business. By just having it there you would be plugged into In ... read more

Getting people to your website

12th November 2010
A website only works if people are visiting it and that a portion of those people are engaged to buy your products or services. Nowdays Google is the predominate source of visitors to your website. Google chooses who they list in their search results. It is not like the yellowpages where you pay for ... read more

What does NBN mean for your business?

30th August 2010
The National Broadband Network (NBN) has become a bit of a political football of late. Confusing the little understanding we had of what it was in the first place. I would like to give a perspective stripped of political agenda and corporate implimentation bias, an opinion on what NBN could do for y ... read more

What is Social Media?

2nd March 2010
Social media refers to the way the Internet has become more social. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have allowed people to share there lives. This includes talking about how their day at work was, their child's birthday party, their latest shopping trip. In so doing they are sharing their interac ... read more

Emailing a Photo / Resizing a Photo

1st March 2010
Digital cameras nowdays provide you with a quality of photo suitable for enlarging and printing. This quality however is not suitable for email or websites as they are quite large. When emailing these photos it can take a lot of time and your recipients are left with a file clogging up their inbox. ... read more

Does my website need an update?

5th January 2010
We have all seen old websites, the style is dated, the content is not relevant, some of the links don't work, photos are small and old. Don't let your website get to this state, your website is a representative of your business and people can be looking at your business at any time. An old website i ... read more

Buying Australian

30th December 2009
We are an Australian owned and operated company. Our staff live in the community we serve. Our supply chain is made up of Australian products. What this means for you Buying Australian - When you purchase your website from us, you are buying Australian. The money goes to Australian companies and ... read more

Getting the most out of your website

17th December 2009
Now you have a website, what do you do? For a lot of people a website is another thing you needed to do for your business. You knew you needed one in this digital age, you had heard of other businesses making money and getting sales leads through their website, so you added the website to your ment ... read more

What type of website do I need?

31st July 2009
Getting a website need not be an intimidating task. A website is simply another tool to attract customers to your business. The only thing you need to be concerned with is expressing your knowledge of your business and your customers to your web designer. They should then take care of the technical ... read more

Strict XHTML to HTML5

4th July 2009
In a previous article we described our pursuit of web standards (web standard XHTML). We adopt these standards not to be fancy or trendy, here are some of the benefits. Reach more people - across more browsers and conditions, your webpage will still function correctly for your potential customers ... read more

Should I use Twitter for my Business?

6th June 2009
Twitter asks you "Whats Happening?". You can answer in 140 characters or less. So you inform the internet of what you are up to. "meeting with client...", "launched new product...", "spending weekend with family...". Its a nice way to get an insight into people or their businesses. People follow yo ... read more

Resizing Photos with Paint

27th May 2009
We have made a newer article on resizing, Emailing a Photo if you would like to try that one first. With digital cameras nowdays you get high quality photos. If you then want to upload these photos to your website the quality can cause you problems. For use on a website, so it loads quickly for you ... read more

How do I get my website on Google?

18th May 2009
Google chooses who they list. They search billions of websites trying to create relevant results for peoples searches. They consider many factors when choosing who to list. At Waterfall Way Designs we build websites with an awareness of Googles considerations. In this article we will explain Google ... read more

Options for selling online

28th April 2009
We provide a range of options for your business to sell online. It needs not be risky and can be approached at the level you are comfortable with. Having the internet as one of your selling options opens you up to a wide range of potential sales. People can browse your products at a time that suits ... read more

Difference between .com and

26th April 2009
Domain refers to what you type in the address bar to find a website. Our domain is We pay a registrar for use of this name, this license lasts a certain period, normally 1-2 years. A domain extension is what comes after your name, .com, .net, .org. .com - this is short for ... read more

Web Standards

26th April 2009
At the bottom of webpages we make you will see two links, XHTML and CSS. If you click a link it will take you to a third party page, they will show you if there are any errors on our webpage. This is your sign of quality, not all web developers ensure their sites are up to this standard. All indust ... read more

Do I need a website?

26th April 2009
You have to determine if a website will fit into your business. At Waterfall Way Designs we believe a website is part of your marketing strategy, a way to get your business in front of potential clients. A well designed website can: Present your business, your product and services in a professio ... read more