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15th February 2015

In 2015 Waterfall Way Designs started operating in a different way. After 6 years we were not getting ahead, our clients had websites but they were not bringing a significant revenue for the client's business. Something had to change. After working with a corporate consultant we started to pursue a different business model. We would do more than just build a website for our new clients. We would do everything we could to help them online. You can see the extent of our new offering on our services page.

What does that mean for clients who worked with us before 2015? We will need to discuss this with you on a case by case basis. The vast majority of our clients have hosting and domain registration with us, so we will continue to do that until your next annual payment. If you are on a monthly fee, then you will continue to pay that until you cover the website cost, then we will be in touch.

For everyone, as your website ages, as technology moves on and as your business and customer needs change, your website will get out of date.

Previously, if you needed updates to your website, we used to quote you an hourly rate. However we are now dedicated to fewer clients and doing more than just updates.

You have a three options:

  1. Upgrade – we can discuss the possibility of you taking advantage of our new services. This will depend on whether your business has the potential and attitude to take advantage of online. We want to enter relationships where we can both win. We can bring you lots of business online and our business has the revenue to grow and continue to support rural businesses.
  2. Move to another provider – if we are not a good fit we can recommend other local designers that could work with your business. We would then assist in a transition to these providers.
  3. DIY – You annual hosting and domain registration is paid to us and we pay a hosting company in Sydney. We could send you a copy of your website and you can set it up with any host of your choice.

Our interest is getting the best results for the people we work with and to build a sustainable business for our family.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and suggest appropriate solutions for your business. Contact Us.