what people have said about us

David came to my rescue when I re-acquired the Armidale Motel and changed the name to the Armidale Inn. At very short notice, he had a beautiful functioning website up and running in a matter of days. He interpreted my needs well and was very proactive, so I had no hesitation in asking him to redesign my ten year old website for the Mackellar Motel in Gunnedah. Once again, he responded almost instantaneously just before Christmas and completed the job with flair and professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending David for your website design.

James Farquhar

Our business had got busy and demand for Optisoil’s services kept on growing. My self-made website just didn’t do what I wanted it to do and I did not have the time to fix it. That's where David and the team at Waterfall Way Designs came in. They made me a custom website looking the way I wanted, freeing me up to concentrate on the growing demands of my business. They even handled our social media setup and are now helping us with recruitment. Thanks to them, I'm back to focusing on the business, knowing the digital side is sorted. I would absolutely encourage any time poor businesses to engage David and the team to take the workload off their own plate. A very smart investment.

Ned Skehan

A family member had done our original website, it was great to start with but got out of date and was difficult to update so we just didn't add our latest projects.  

David is local and does websites all the time, we could meet him face to face and the website is really easy and quick for me to update myself. Potential clients now see our latest project and the extent of what we do, attracting the ideal clients for us.

Kasey Sterling

We highly recommend Waterfall Way Designs for all your web design needs. They excel at their craft, staying at the forefront of industry trends. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to truly understanding your unique requirements, resulting in a tailored and exceptional final product. Not only are they efficient, but their services are also remarkably affordable. You won't find a better partner for your website design needs! Plus the best part they are local!!!!

Anka and Ben McMahon

We would like to thank you very much for your help and prompt service with our web site. We are very pleased with the new site. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Daryl and Kaye Jenkins

I contacted Waterfall Way Designs in February 2023 to devise an effective digital presence for my new tutoring centre in Armidale. I have found David and his team to be really responsive and got a quick answer to any of my questions or requests. Waterfall Way Designs are highly knowledgeable about organisational time-saving platforms that can be built into the design of your site and about effective online marketing strategies. For example, they did the research to find me the best SMS (Student Managing System): it enables parents to book lessons online and pay for them, a solution geared at increasing efficiency and responsiveness. I am really happy with my website and all the feedback I am getting about it is positive! Starting a new business can be fraught with self-doubt. In my new business journey, I have found their hand-holding invaluable. In fact, I can honestly say hey are more like mentors to me than webdesigners! 

Florence de Crespigny

I first asked David, in 2014, to redevelop a website for my corporate advisory business.  While I’m at home with the front-end of technologies, the back-end remains a mangled fog hidden by the home screen.  I asked much of David, while my inclination to push boundaries played out throughout the process. He remained patient, informative, welcoming and good humoured.  Then, in 2020, I asked David to set up a new site - for D’Arcy Lloyd - half expecting him to decline, politely.  Of course, he invited me in, listened, responded and allowed me to push the boundaries once again. Despite thinking, naively, that the new site would be much simpler, it wasn’t, as my boundary pushing was no less than before. David and Alanna responded to my requests, once again, with signature generosity while taking the time to inform me and provide alternative pathways. I remain indebted.

Virginia Eddy

It has been an absolute pleasure working with David and Alanna. They have great ideas and their commitment towards our project was second to none. When it was time for our website creation, we did not have any hesitation in approaching waterfall way designs.

David always addresses all correspondence and any changes requested in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this team for your website design and online marketing services

Dr Dave Xavier

David is easy to get along with & nothing is too much of a problem. I can highly recommend Waterfall Way Designs.

Tracy Rolfe

I am a big believer in helping support local businesses. I am extremely grateful to David & Alanna at Waterfall Way Designs, for the amazing job they done designing our new website. The end result is better then I could have imagined. As a business owner, I definitely appreciate their great customer service, constant engagement, and responsiveness made the process easy and a final product that exceeded my expectations.

Paige Hobday

I had the pleasure of working with David and Alanna from Waterfall Way Designs to develop our first website.  I had been putting this task off for almost 18months as it seemed too overwhelming and thought it would require a lot of time (which I did not have). 

I was pleasantly surprised how easy, efficient and uncomplicated the whole process has been.  Theses guys are professionals in every way and provided feedback and support for each and every element of the design.  It has been wonderful working with locals who actually care and provide ongoing support for my business.

Thanks team!

Rebecca Caskey

What can we say about our new website at Bridging the Gap Community Services – Men’s Resource Centre in Coffs Harbour?  It’s brilliant! And encapsulates all that we as volunteers endeavour to do to help those in need of supports within our community. 

We can’t thank you enough David for all the time and energy you put into this project without a fee so that we would have a better and brighter profile and greater exposure on line.  Thanks again!

The Team at Bridging the Gap

During Covid 19 we have had to look for other income due to our cellar door being closed. Our website was already producing a good income, but David helped us with some other campaign ideas we had and we have been pleased with the results.

This type of ongoing support and updates are essential to keep our website effective.

Hunter Distillery

Alanna and David started working for me this year and it has been the best decision. They have been great to work with and have given my businesses an online presence that I could not achieve without them. They run my Facebook page and have set up my websites and the work they have generated from this well and truly pays their subscription fee. I feel they go above and beyond to help grow my businesses and it truly feels as though they are on my team. Which they are and I’m glad for that.

Brendan Jones

Great people to deal with, lovely, helpful, friendly staff. Can highly recommend this local business.

Simon & Amanda Dean

Lehman Stock and Property had been planning a new website for some time and after reviewing many on the Web found clean and crisp sites created by Waterfall Way Designs.

To our delight we discovered Waterfall Way Designs to be a locally owned business right here in Inverell. From our first contact with David and his team we felt immediately comfortable and confident that what we were after would be delivered. We are extremely happy with our new website and the ease at which we can update it.

Karen & Kala

It’s nice to know you’re on the other end of the phone or email guiding us through what we consider the hardest part of our business. Making our products is easy, but knowing the I.T world is left to your business. We appreciate your knowledge and time to help make our business a success.

Naomi Simmon

The Inverell Sentinel news website had to be unique and an intrinsically local space, just like the news articles I planned to post on it. But it didn’t take long before I realised two things: to my eye at least, WordPress choices had an undesirable “foreign feel” to them, and secondly, I needed help if I was ever going to achieve` anything more than a Facebook page on steroids.

I somehow knew Waterfall Way Designs was a natural fit when I first laid eyes on their timber and corrugated iron reception counter. How cool is that? It’s locally made, and a must-see addition to any office space.

Waterfall Way Designs went out of their way to understand what I needed and quickly completed the uncomplicated, easy to navigate Inverell Sentinel web page that so many of my readers have become accustomed to and commented favourably upon.

Finally, Waterfall Way designed their prices for those local, regional businesses and individuals they knew they would be dealing with. Not for them harsh city prices to country people. What refreshing outlook to find, what a terrific business to deal with and what helpful staff to talk to.

Steve Green

We would highly recommend David, he has been extremely helpful to us setting up our website, we were total novices in this and with his help have a great website up and running.

Marilyn & Lyall

It has been a real pleasure working with David Carse and Waterfall Way Designs to produce an elegant, functional and responsive website.

His innate ability to decipher the needs of the business I have created and myself as the owner have made working with him a pleasure.

My initial contact with him was as he is a local business, but as I researched what he provides that became a minor consideration, his full service build, his support to ensure all branding was exactly how I imagined it, his patience while I learnt very basic steps, and his excitement for the business I am creating, has shown me that he and Waterfall Way Designs are the prefect web design business to work with.

I have enjoyed working with him and look forward to a long and prosperous association between his business and mine.

Rachael Sowden

We are a Turf business located in Inverell NSW.
David Carse of Waterfall Way Designs created our website
I couldn't be happier with the feedback we receive from our customers about our website.
Most people think we have some BIG Sydney based company design for us, which as everyone knows these companies charge HUGE bucks. Waterfall Way Designs is real value for money in my eyes. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

Francesca Paton

David has created a website for our health food store and clinic Natures Medicine, Glen Innes, and it is my pleasure to tell you what an easy process David has made this.  We are extremely pleased with the website result, David's business manner is very professional, communication during the building process is excellent, and overall we are just so pleased with the whole result.  Thanks David.  Looking forward to our continued business relationship.

Marilyn & Jeff

Things are progressing very well for us here at Cousins and thanks to the website we are picking up a lot of bookings direct which is certainly the way we prefer.

Dennis Ellen

I had a website for our caravan park for a long time, I knew it needed a freshen up. David was recommended to us and delivered an easy to use modern site, viewable on mobiles and tablets. He moved the website and our email from the old provider without a hiccup. The results compared to the old site are chalk and cheese. We are getting 5-10 enquires a week and most are turning into bookings

Julie Crang

We started working with David in 2010. Back then we were just starting out in business, working from home, attending markets, starting to sell online. Over the years we have updated the website as our business has grown. We now have a beautiful shop/soaperie and serve many customers each week onsite and online.

We recently got David to do another update on the website so we could take advantage of a change in our pricing. To get the website to promote tiered/bulk pricing. Also to just moderise it with a fresh look and so it could be used on mobiles and tablets.

I would encourage you to continue to adapt your website to the changing needs of your customers.

Melissa Thomas

Waterfall Way Designs were fantastic in getting our website completed to the design, concept and vision we had anticipated. After much searching through countless DIY websites to goliath size web designer companies we settled with Waterfall Way Designs as they represented terrific value for money, with fast experienced personable service, user friendliness and being locally based was an advantage.

David was very knowledgeable in the latest web trends and as well as extremely patient with our penchant for having it look exactly the way we envisaged the end product.

Our website has received many hits and very favourable comments since its inception and we look forward to a long continuation with Waterfall Way Designs

Sam and Virginia

Thank you very much for a wonderful website design. We are truly grateful for all your work and support throughout the whole process. We look forward to our relationship ahead. We have already spread the word about your business.

Naomi Simmons

I found David and the team at Waterfall Way Designs to be welcoming, friendly and extremely helpful with our webpage design.  Communication was direct and quick and they went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with our service and Website.  Thanks

Myella Sharman

As an older person struggling with technology, your help and guidance has been a “godsend” to me as I have muddled through getting my website up and running.  I really appreciate your unending patience and good spirit during this time. My small business has benefited immensely by having the website and sales have been quite steady. 

For anyone contemplating the construction of a website, I would say this.......’You are never too old to learn............especially if you have Waterfall Way Designs with David & Alana  Carse to continually and good naturedly, prod you along.”  Thanks a bunch guys.

Dallas Wilson

Thanks very much for your kind assistance to bring us to this point. We're all very excited about the new site and you have been incredibly helpful and accommodating. We will certainly be recommending your company in our network.

Dean Wilson

Thanks heaps for your guidance, knowledge and communication.  We achieved great results in our short time frame! Thanks

Kylie Wilks

This is our first website. David has tailored this perfectly for our business. We have done radio and newspaper advertisements before. We feel there is no comparison to a well constructed website. We are able to change anything as the need arises. It looks very professional and is fully functional for our needs. Thank you David.

Sarah and Michael Butler

You are a genius! No wonder so many people use you for their web setup – everything is so easy to use! Thankyou.

Simon Paul

Thanks for the year of website work. I am still very pleased with the site, and now the online bookings that we are getting. We are getting on average 4 or 5 per week, plus calls from the website.

When you consider that we were really only getting maybe 4 or 5 clients per year from the Yellow and White pages then the website is really great value for money.   The money saved on our sensis bill has paid for our website straight away, and the number of clients that the website is getting us is 10 times what we were getting from them anyway. I wouldn't like to have any shares in Sensis......

Michael Rush

Our website has become the pulse of our organisation and it was vital for us to ensure it reflected our new direction. David's ability to listen and adapt to the needs of the Chamber and his easy personable style have made our transition to the new space a painless one. We are very happy with our custom made CMS and we know that the design will make it easy for us to connect our members with our services and information.

Liz Egan

Waterfall way designs were the exact web designers our business required. David was able to visit me face-to-face and he understood what I wanted. He showed me through how to update the website myself, now I can easily add content to keep my website fresh and relevant.

Lisa Heagney

Thank you once again David, for a prompt and efficient upgrade to our website. Your response to our request for change, once again, has been swift enabling us to respond to our customer needs quickly.A simple telephone call or email provides us with first rate service. Well done.

Graham Cowley

I had my website redesigned by Waterfall Way Designs over a year ago now. I have seen sales rise from 1-2 a week up to 1 every day now. I am continuing to work with David on improving the website for my customers.

Marg Swerdlow

It really is a vast improvement, the Club looks immediately like a more professional organisation as a result.

Doug Bassett

With the experience of over 1000 orders for Academic Hire via our website since it was created in 2009 by Waterfall Way Designs, we needed to make adjustments to the look and feel of the form. This was to ensure that our clients have a top notch, easy to navigate, order system. We gave David a brief outline of what updates we felt would work. He took that outline and turned our vision into reality. We couldn't ask for more

Wayne Kratz

I'm constantly amazed that our site is turning up in web searches now and turning into sales. (I know, I know - that IS the point - but I'm still amazed).

Melissa Thomas

... thank you most for developing a site we are so extremely happy with, your guidance and expertise have made it much more than what we envisaged and I can't wait to send the link to some family members and friends and show your great work off.

Deb Smith

Thank you for going above and beyond what we expected from you, it has been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to working with you more in the future!

Jess Smith

We were very lucky that David found us. With his product knowledge, professionalism and initiative, he made the update of both our websites an effortless experience. It was a pleasure doing business with him with the initial start-up and still now, with the after sales support he provides

Alan and Leone Niddrie

Thanks so much for all your kind and generous help. I can safely say that it is greatly appreciated here at Services


Everybody who has visited our site, comments on how great it looks.

All that other people have said is true. One thing that people haven't mentioned, is that not only is David a consummate professional at what he does, the man himself is an absolute delight to work with. We could never have got such a professional website in such a short time without his personal input.

Colin & Diane

There are some sad stories around of high cost, long timelines and unsatisfactory results so it's lovely to be able to say what unbelievable value and service we've received.

Melissa Thomas

My collaboration with David has resulted in a website that works and people compliment me on it.

I needed a local Armidale web designer so we could meet face-to-face and discuss ideas I had for my website.

Pam Warmington

Thanks for your work on our website David. Friends and family have said how good it looks, but more importantly we are getting more bookings through the website!

Sue Winnacott

It's great to be working with a designer who takes so much interest in what we are doing!!

Darryl & Rachel Stace

Our good ranking on google means customers come directly to me, I don't have to pay accommodation websites.

Susan Moore

The backend manager he custom built also helps me organise the indoor sports comp.

The website David made for us saves me time. It contains information people normally ring me for, when are you open? how much is ... ? what time do I play ... ?

Wayne Clarkson

David was quick and professional, he took all the photos and wrote all the content from conversations we had. In one short week I had a beautiful functional website.

Kerrie Reeves

We run a busy business, so we didn't really have time to consider a website before David came along. He fitted into our schedule and quickly provided us with a website to attract new clients and get our business greater exposure.

Marie Wall