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How do I get my website on Google?

18th May 2009

Google chooses who they list. They search billions of websites trying to create relevant results for peoples searches. They consider many factors when choosing who to list. At Waterfall Way Designs we build websites with an awareness of Googles considerations.

In this article we will explain Google listing in relation to an Armidale restaurant website.

  • Building the Website - Even before we start building a website we need to consider what words you would like people to search for to get to you. So "armidale", "restaurant", "food", "eating out" are all types of searches we would want a restaurant website to appear in. So we use this information when we are structuring the website, when we are writing content for the pages, when we are adding photos and graphics.
  • Advising Google - After the website has been built we then submit a report to Google detailing the website we have made for you. This gives Google a head start.
  • Promoting the Website - Next you need to get people to your new website. The more people that come to your website the more attention from Google it will get. Put the website address on your stationary, email signature, business cards. For the restaurant we requested a regional tourism website add a link to our new website in their directory. If Google sees people going to our website from a reputable website like the tourism website then our status will grow. We submitted similiar requests to other relevant websites.
  • Ongoing Updates - Google likes fresh content and information. New pages with related content will help. Consider options like a blog, or a monthly newsletter. For our restaurant we do a monthly update to the menu, archiving previous menus.

Waterfall Way Designs adopts these and other methods for every website we build. It may take time and you might not get the final results you want in competitive environments but we do our best to get your website exposure. A well structured website with relevant content and fresh updates will see your new website well on its way to drawing many clients to your business.