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Getting the most out of your website

17th December 2009

Now you have a website, what do you do?

For a lot of people a website is another thing you needed to do for your business. You knew you needed one in this digital age, you had heard of other businesses making money and getting sales leads through their website, so you added the website to your mental todo list.

At some point you happened to find a web designer you liked and also happened to have some money when you did. What followed was a whirlwind development period with the web designer asking you questions, asking for feedback and then pop, a new website.

You have done it, your company is now in online.

But what do you do now, and what is it you have?

At Waterfall Way Designs we believe your website has to succinctly solve a problem for people. That is why people part with their money, you fix something for them. A comfortable place to sleep, something to eat or drink, a product that will continue to solve daily problems. The website has to represent your business, to present your products, services, history, future dreams captured in a way to entice people to participate in your dream and contact you to buy your product or service.

This is a difficult task in itself. I am sure you have been to many websites where they don't achieve anything, you cant find what you want and it is laid out poorly. But lets say you have a decent website and you are seeing some money come in, where to next?

You could leave the website as is, treat it as a yellow pages ad or a newspaper advertisement and accept whatever leads you get from it.

But the web is a much more flexible medium and at Waterfall Way Designs we love continuing to work with you to get the most out of your website. We are not necessarily trying to sell you more bells and whistles. Your website already has a lot you can work with. All you need is an awareness that the website can be moulded to your changing business and customer needs.

Here are some examples:

  1. If you find one product is selling better than others in your online shop, take advantage of that. Promote that product, so that if a customer recommends you, the new customer can find it easily. Offer that product in different sizes, you might find that they will buy a kilo when you were only offering a 250g bag. When you deliver the good seller put a sample of your other products in with it, this is an endearing suprise, and educates an existing client about your product range.
  2. What is happening in your town? Who are your potential customers? If you are in the accommodation industry, is their a conference coming to town? If you can structure a package suitable to the attendees needs then you are solving their problem in a better way than a competitor whose website hasn't been updated in many years. "Are you attending the Northern NSW Bird Watchers conference at UNE in March? We are offering a special package where you can get....". Simple, but they will be very pleased you considered them, and that you have now solved their "where do I sleep" problem.

As you can see, with your existing website you can make some dramatic improvements. You know your clients too, so you can come up with some other ideas and test them out, see if the change brings increased sales.

The next stage too is considering if another investment in your website could bring results. Would you like to have a section on your homepage you can change whenever you want? Would you like to send customers a monthly newsletter detailing how your company is growing and new products or deals you have? Would you like to set up a blog like this one? To get your business on twitter or facebook?

We can help. We are happy to have a no obligation discussion with you about where your website can improve. Contact us today.