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Buying Australian

30th December 2009

We are an Australian owned and operated company.

Our staff live in the community we serve.

Our supply chain is made up of Australian products.

What this means for you

Buying Australian - When you purchase your website from us, you are buying Australian. The money goes to Australian companies and back into your community.

Faster Websites - Customers visiting your website will experience faster load times. When they request a page from your server it needs to come from Sydney. Many Australian web companies have cheaper overseas suppliers. In most cases the pages have to come from America.

Local Service and Support - If something does happen and we need support, then our suppliers are just a phone call away, working in the same business hours as us. Problems can be resolved quickly and easily.

Google Searches - When organising whose website to display for a search, Google considers location of the website. If someone searches for an Australian product or supplier, Google will favour websites that are in the same country.

Get what you pay for - Some web design companies will charge you prices equivalent to ours for Hosting and Domain Registration but you will not be getting an equivalent product. Insist on Australian products for reliability and performance.

Our Suppliers

Our Hosting is with Crucial Paradigm. Your website is hosted from Mascot in Sydney.

Our Domain Registration for is with Net Registry.

All our work is completed by Australian staff.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to providing you with a fast, reliable website with local service and support.