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Is my website performing?

31st January 2011

Is your website doing what you expected? You may have just treated it like advertising, spent the money and hoped it bought in some clients. You might have thought getting a website was just one of those things you had to do nowdays as a business. By just having it there you would be plugged into Internet riches.

A website benefits from being monitored and tailored to your clients needs.

The first step you need to make is define what you expected. This would have been discussed with your web designer at the outset of your project, but it needs to be reviewed every now and then. So what is it you want to achieve from your website?

  1. Online Business Brochure - Have a web presence so that people can find out what you do and contact you by phone or email. This is where websites start. People can view your services and be introduced to your company at any time.
    How do we know its working? - You can get google reports from your web designer that shows who has been visiting the website, what they searched for to get to you, and what they looked at. The main metric here would be emails and phone calls received from the website. So after 12 months you can tally them up and see what ROI you are getting in regards to lead generation.
    Action - If you are appearing in the searches you want and are getting a good number of leads, then make sure the information is up to date on the website and leave it. If this isn't true, then you need to work with your web developer to update the site to address these requirements.
  2. Online Shop - To sell goods directly to the public. People can view the product range you have selected for your website and buy it directly. This website should also do everything the Online Business Brochure does.
    How do we know its working? - The metric for this type of website is sales. What has the website generated in $$s this financial year. You would also consider the metrics of the Online Business Brochure as the website would still be generating leads that phone you, email or come to the shop/markets.Action - Is this turnover acceptable? Are you promoting popular lines or new lines? Define what you want the website to do and discuss it with your web developer.
  3. Business Management Software - In addition to your website you may have an admin section where you can manage your business. This can be an aid to Customer Interaction, Sales, Publications, any electronic assistance to your business.
    How do we know its working? - These websites help you stay in touch with clients in a timely manner, they track sales, and regulate publications like newsletters. You know they are working when they save you time, they are easy to use, and they help you close deals by reminding you to contact outstanding quotes.
    Action - Is this software easy to use? Does it reflect your current business practices? These websites can be updated to better fit your evolving business. Get feedback from staff using them everyday about improvements they have thought of.

So these are some examples of what your website can be. It is a matter of reviewing what you have, work out what you want your website to do for you and then establish metrics to measure this. "3-4 website enquiries a month", "$500 in sales a month", "Business opportunites highlighted by reports from business management software". Get some reports from your staff and web developer to see how the website is doing. How many leads have you had? How many sales? How many visitors to the website?

At Waterfall Way Designs we believe in the potential of the web to vastly improve business. A website should firstly pay its own way and then grow into a significant part of your business. This can be achieved by monitoring your website and discussing with us improvements that will steer the website in the right direction.

See our Website Review service.