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Does my website need an update?

5th January 2010

We have all seen old websites, the style is dated, the content is not relevant, some of the links don't work, photos are small and old. Don't let your website get to this state, your website is a representative of your business and people can be looking at your business at any time. An old website is like having a slovenly, incompetent salesman going out in your name.

When you look at your website, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is your website visually appealing?
  • Does it have up to date information?
  • Does it answer your customer's questions?
  • Are the links and forms working?
  • Does your website appear in the Google search results you would like it to?
  • Is it easy to use and meets your potential clients needs?
  • Is the website bringing in the sales leads you would like??
  • Have you seen other websites with functionality that could help your visitors?

An update need not be expensive. To correct a phone number or get a link working is something your web designer should be happy to do for you, commonly at no charge. If you keep updates in mind then an incremental investment in a new page or feature will mean your website reflects your business without a huge outlay. If the website is up to date and working well, you might consider a facelift. Your web designer could keep the same pages and just style them differently to provide a fresh, appealing look.

Technology moves quick on the internet.

  • If your website was built a couple of years ago, then the major browsers people look at your website with will have changed.
  • People might be using their phones to view your website, which was unheard of when your website was built.
  • Google's search results change based on changing requirements, you might not be appearing in searches you want to.
  • There might be some new functionality that will enable your customers to reach you easier.
  • We have seen Google provide dynamic maps that can be easily integrated in your website. jQuery has enabled web designers to build beautiful photo galleries and also validate forms so an not to inconvenience clients submitting information. PayPal has made it easy for people to receive payment online.

Your web designer should be continually learning and be able to show you how new technology can help you answer your clients needs more easily.

At Waterfall Way Designs we are happy to review your website. We can show you where it could improve and new technology options. We can quote you on a number of updates packages that can fit into your budget. It is important that your website 'earns it's keep'.

See our website review service.