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Website Owner Scams

9th December 2011

Below is a list of common scams perpetrated on website owners. These may reach you by phone or email. If you do receive these or anything concerning your website you can contact us. We are happy to give advice freely. 

  1. Domain Name Renewal Scam

    What is it?

    There are two ongoing costs associated with any website. Hosting, which is a rental fee for the computer your website is physically on. Domain Registration, which is a yearly fee to continue using your domain name. Our domain name is for example.

    What is the scam?

    The domain renewal scam is where a third party sends you an invoice that looks legitimate but is un-necessary or even fraudulent. It may be for a domain that is similar to yours, or may try to get you to pay again for a domain you have already paid us for. In some cases they will try to charge $250 for a service we charged you $22

    What to do?

    If you receive one of these, talk to us, we are happy to help. 

    If you have these services through us, then we are the only legitimate yearly invoice. Everything is covered in our fee and you only need to contact us for anything to do with your website.?

    See the AUDA article on this topic.

    There is more information on the ACCC website ? for.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Scam

    What is it?

    SEO is a legitimate industry that improves your search results. Specialists consult with you about your business, your website and searches you would like to appear in. If you are in a competitive industry you would engage an SEO specialist to make sure you appear in the searches you want to. This is commonly achieved through changes to your website, content and third party links to your website. Coupled with this you might even advertise with Google through AdWords.

    What is the scam?

    The scam normally occurs through unsolicited offerings of SEO services, you know the emails, “Get to the first page of Google” or “We noticed you dont appear in...”. Commonly the only efforts they make is with AdWords, they will charge you a premium for low cost search terms. They do not have detailed discussions with you about your business needs and objectives. They do not have understandable metrics to show you how they have achieved these objectives for you at the end of their service.

    What to do?

    Ignore them. If you have a need for SEO speak to us, we have optimised your website as part of our setup. If you need something extra, we can recommend legitimate local SEO service providers that can really benefit your business. 

    These solicitations may have contravened the Governments Spam Act. So you could report them. 

These are common scams on website owners. Do not feel foolish if you have fallen for some of these. We hope this information will protect you in the future. Please contact us with any questions you might have.