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Websites don't work

8th May 2015

We have just past 6 years of making websites for small regional NSW businesses and I am here to tell you websites do not work.

We have 240 clients on the books and have done at least that number of websites. No one in that list is currently booming online or have had their business drastically changed by online.

We hear so many stories of online success. There are Australian businesses dedicated to online and killing it, like,, We also see big companies like Myer and Harvey Norman going online. People are using Google everyday, smartphones and tablets are becoming so prevalent. Why does it not work for us?

Staff and Time

The big guys succeeding online have dedicated staff. When I first came out of Uni I worked for a Canberra business that had 6 staff on their web team. That is 6 people working all day on the companies online presence. One guy was a dedicated graphic designer, another video, email marketing, I was backend development, etc, etc. Nowdays there would also be a dedicated social media person whose entire job is to manage Facebook, maybe Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Product or Service

All my clients have bought a product. They have spent 2-3 thousand and after a month we delivered them a “website”. Now it was what they asked for and it represented their business. Our heart was in it, the website was great for the business at that time. But we moved on to the next client. You were left with a website as well as all the other demands of your business. You do not have a full time staff of 6 or more dedicated to your website. After 2-3 months, Google changed, your business and customers changed, but your website stayed the same. Even if you did get a news article up every month, or a latest project, that was it for online. No Email marketing, no Search Engine Optimisation, No Social Media interactions.

An Unused Tool

This is why we believe our clients have not had the success they deserve online. Websites are tools that date quickly as technology, Google and customers move on. Websites are a great tool, but the tool if unused will not compare to the productivity of a tool used every day.

What to do?

If your customers are online, then meet them there, or someone else will. While you carry on with your business and excuse yourself from online because you "tried it and it didn't work", other businesses are online taking your customers from you.

Dedicate yourself and time to transitioning your business from a traditional bricks and mortar business to a hybrid. One doing well in the traditional model of business but also testing the online waters and building a business there. That online component may be what saves you in 5 years.

What we can do

We can help you in that transition, we have the passion and experience. We are set up now to provide a service and not just a product. We can work closely with you keeping your online presence continually updated for your customers and Google and take advantage of constant changes in technology. As we bring your business success online we can increase the staff dedicated to your account, or we can train your staff in these skills.

Contact us today for an obligation free discussion. We are reducing our client numbers to a select few that we believe are businesses of the future.