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Web design cost

30th January 2015

One of the first questions we receive is what a website design will cost? You are excited about the potential of your business being online and how it could help your bottom line. You talk about your business, your customers, your products and services being online. But like all business purchases there is a limit to what you define as affordable and you ask “what will all this cost?”

To quickly answer your question, between $3,000-$80,000. This is based on our experience and Australian Department of Communications guidelines.

Now you can certainly get a “free” website by using some online services. The free is achieved by shifting the work to you. By paying a professional you are buying their time and experience. By not paying, you are instead spending your time. You will need to use these free online tools to do it yourself (DIY website). There may be monthly hosting fees or domain registration hidden in these offers. 

You may find website designers who charge less than $3000 for a website. They may be starting out in web design, or may be using some of the free tools or templates. There are certainly some places to trim your expenditure but your online presence is not one of them. Your customers are researching and buying online everyday, you need to be in the mix with a professional, experienced support team.

The Internet allows more accountability than other forms of advertising and marketing. You can track visitors, enquiries, purchases, so your investment can be directly related to customers and revenue. See our article on Mindset and Measurement for more details.

Our business model is focused on returns and providing more than just a website.

  • Building and updating your online presence so it brings returns to your business
  • Working with you and maturing your business online
  • Providing regular reports and
  • Educating you about the processes and techniques we use.

Have a look through our Website Services and contact us with any questions you might have.