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The Customer Is Always Right

12th April 2014

This old adage is certainly true in a lot of instances. But in our industry we have found it necessary to say no to clients sometimes. It is a question of what you want from a web designer, if you want a web designer that is a yes man, or one that is intent on pleasing your customers??


Some jobs have obvious objectives. If I hire someone to mow my lawn, the end result is a shorter lawn. You may engage these professionals to discuss lawn health and other options but every week the lawn is cut shorter. Problem and solution.

If you buy a product like an ipod you want it to play music. You have a need to be entertained. Need and solution.

When businesses are doing these jobs their role is to provide what customers want. 

The objective of web design might seem to be to make a website. A client engages the services of a web designer, says they want pages – Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us. The designer makes the website, delivers it and the transaction is done. The designer is then off to make more money. This way, the website is made for the client. 

We do not believe this is the correct objective or the best way to treat clients. A website is a marketing and sales tool, it is a way to introduce yourself to prospective customers. The objective of a website is to increase leads and sales. In this case the website is made for your customers. 


In pursuing the second objective of making a website for your customers, we have found the need to say no to you sometimes. Some clients come to us thinking they want a particular website. In discussions with us we identify their customers and their needs. Based on our experience online we then know ways to meet those customers needs. Now we certainly listen. You know your business and you know your customers. We must understand these. We are also respectful of your design preferences, how you want things to look. However, due to our experience, we know what increases leads and sales for your business online. We also have seen what happens when designers always say yes to your requests. You might end up with a website you love, but in 3 or 6 months time when it is not performing you are spending more money with them or coming to us for a completely new website. So in our discussions we will present options and make cases for certain strategies. We ask for your trust in this discussion. Our drive is for your business to do well online. 

Everyone is unique

Everyone of our clients is different, with different businesses. It is this uniqueness that makes their businesses great. We have experience in working with a range of people. People who have never had a website, people that have had several, people that have established marketing processes. We bring fresh ideas to the table, it may seem disruptive, but that is what the internet is good at. Try something we know from experience works.

We are busy and have a lead in time for most development. We sometimes turn people away, people that may not fit into our development process. The result is we work with people that are not just after yes men, we work with people we "connect" with and produce great results for their business. 

With your annual domain registration/ hosting/support fee with us, we have an ongoing relationship we want to justify. Also happy clients lead to more clients for us. A client's ringing cash register turns them into salespeople for us.?


This attitude may seem arrogant to some and suprising to others that have a traditional service mentality. But we get results and have many happy customers. Because we assist them in solving their customers problems.

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