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Step Back and Admire

15th July 2009

When you are running a small business it is important to lift your head occasionally. It is too easy to be caught up in the day to day activities, paying that bill, calling that client, finishing that project. It is nice every now and then to step back and see what you have done, what you are building, and where you are headed.

When I do get in these mindsets I think back to why I started this business. For me it was to be my own boss, that every effort I made was for my family's benefit. To be proud of what I made and to be able to spend time with my family. As my experience grows I can add to this dream, I am now enjoying contributing to people business, enjoying being involved in their dreams and helping them make money.

This sort of thinking motivates me and ensures my business is on track. Lift yourself from the drugery of the everyday and see what you have made. Your past projects, your ongoing client relationships, the people you employ. Gain satisfaction from the contrast of your previous employment to the part of the world you have now carved out for yourself. This is also a time to see if you are headed to a place you would like. Have you rethought your initial destination? Has new experiences led you to different dreams? Is your hour to hour activities getting you closer to this?

This activity helps to balance the bad and stressful times. I am now trying to do this more often and add metrics to encourage it. Count clients, projects, testimonials. Lift your spirits by reaffirming your achievements and your destination.