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Small Business 4th Birthday

26th April 2013

Our web design business is now 4 years old. It has been so much fun, we have learnt a lot along the way.

We recently had our 3rd child. Joshua is our first boy. It has been wonderful to be able to work at home and help out where I can. The girls come into my office everyday, for a cuddle or to tell me of their latest adventure. 

The business is moving along well. We have done 187 websites in 4 years. Making it nearly 1 website a week! Of those 187 websites, only 20 have left. Either businesses have closed, or people have moved to other designers. We think that is a great retention rate, 90% of our clients stay with us.

We appreciate their ongoing support. They make this dream possible.

Small Business Fatigue

When we started I was working at least 6 days a week for the first year (my wife would say longer). We now have distinct weekends. I still check business email, but I allocate work to Monday now. It is nice to have a break with the family, mental and physical.

We have had family holidays but I kept on working. It was a nice location change, to a beach or cabin. But I was doing the same thing on the computer. I will have to have a decent break, the girls are getting to an age to start making some great Australian family holiday memories.

I still have the same passion to build a business to support my family. I am just trying to do it smarter. I can be selective about my clients. I can work quicker because of my experience, automating processes and reducing risks through communication.

I am also looking at interests to keep the spark and passion I had at the start.

Where to now?

Old clients and my own websites.

Our first clients had their website built by us back in 2009. So we are now going back to these clients with proposals to upgrade their website and ensure it is working for them now.

We are also setting up websites for ourselves. Where we see an opportunity online to create a presence and get some good Google search results. One example of these is our Buy Local Inverell campaign.

Managing what type of work we do during the day, to make it exciting and enjoyable. Living the work from home dream.

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