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Small Business - The Solution to the Worlds Woes

17th November 2011

We started this business in early 2009 after the first GFC. We saw a need in the region and built up the courage to go out on our own. It has been hard, but in 3 years we now have over 115 websites and some wonderful clients. 

We made the decision to start our own business as a lifestyle choice. We had come from a big city, where we would commute to work, drop kids at day care, work for some boss in a company culture we didn't believe in, then off home again, repeat. All so you can buy that expensive house, pay for those child care fees, maybe buy a trinket to put in your house on the weekend.

It all struck us as a bit of a hamster wheel and not really satisfying. With a young family we wanted to spend time with our kids and each other. We also thought - we only have one life, we didn't want to wake up at 50, finally owning that house and lots of other crap but not knowing our kids.

During these 3 years of business I have been involved with many other businesses, discussing what they do, who they employ, who their customers are. The vast majority of my clients are small/micro business, under 20 employees. The thing I have noticed is these businesses are the lifeblood of their towns and communities. It is these, commonly family run, businesses that create an income for themselves, employee others and create something of value in their community. I really respect these clients, and some of them are 2nd and 3rd generation businesses.

This is in striking contrast to the way we see big business operating. They seem to do anything for the next vulgarly large profit. They do things for money not their customers, they do not consider the community they operate in.

My time with small local businesses got me thinking. I now consider every dollar that I spend. If there is an opportunity to support a local business  instead of a corporate one, then that is better for the local business, better for my community and better for me. If we all became conscious? of the power of each dollar then we could pull money away from these amoral corporations and into family businesses.

You could take it a step further, if you are employed by a large corporation, consider downshifting to a rural community and contributing to a smaller local business. You would be amazed at how affordable housing is and what a pleasant lifestyle these rural towns can provide.

Or even start a business yourself. With the power of the Internet you can get something up and running relatively cheaply and work from home.

So instead of bleeting like sheep at the injustice of it all, take steps to change your world. 

Downsize, downshift, grow food, create something, spend time with your loved ones.