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Shared Risk

19th June 2015
Last week John Chambers retired as CEO of Cisco Systems after a 20 year stint at the helm of this multinational business. Cisco is listed in the S&P 500 and designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. The backbone of the Internet and business networks. 

In his parting address he shared some insights for the industry and business in general. 

40% of businesses in this room, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years,” he told the 25,000 attendees” 

“If I’m not making you sweat, I should be,” he said. 

“It will become a digital world that will change our life, our health, our education, our business models at the pace of a technology company change,” 

The only ones that will survive will turn their companies into digital, techie versions of themselves, and many of will fail trying. *


That is the opportunity we have identified with our new business model. We are now working more closely with fewer clients to help them make this transition. To embrace digital, to stay ahead of competitors and to take advantage of new markets. 

A key component of our new business model is shared risk. We are not expecting you to outlay 10s of thousands of dollars and retrain all your staff and then open your doors as a digitally powered company. These sort of radical changes do not work in business. We need to work with you, examine your business, your customers and opportunities for digital in your business. Then put in place a staged strategy to make this a reality.

We will implement changes incrementally and track their effect on your bottom line. Providing reports on how our efforts have helped sales, bookings and new customers. 

We believe in technology, we agree with John Chambers, a change is coming to the business landscape, your business is probably feeling its effects already. We have a passion for the Internet and the opportunities it provides. Instead of your market being those people who walk by your shop front, or those people in your town or region. The Internet allows you to tap a market across Australia and across the World. We have clients shipping soap, wine, heavy ag parts all across Australia. That is just retail, our service clients are working with customers from everywhere, having Skype calls, Google hangouts, collaborating online, hosting workshops. 

These are not technology companies. These are ordinary Australian family businesses that are using the new tools available. The core of their offering is the same, a great vodka, an essential tractor part. It is how they meet their customers and delivery their service that is changing. 

We have assisted them in making this move. On an ongoing basis we put things in place to assist their business.

  • A new mobile friendly website

  • An updated website as the business, customers, technology and Google changes.

  • Custom made Point of Sale software that integrates with your website

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Relationship Management software

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc

  • Newsletters

  • Photos and Videos

  • Regular content updates

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Processes and Change Management 

Shared Risk

We understand that many small businesses are still coming to terms with technology and what it can do for them or whether it can even do anything for their business at all.  We understand taking on new technologies takes time and means change. That's where we come in, by taking the weight from your shoulders and to guide you along the way at your own speed.  

You may start out thinking of the services we offer as a cost but our experience tells us it won’t take long before we can show you measurable returns on your investment, because that’s what you are doing in collaboration with us, you and we are investing in your business improvements. 

By adopting a risk-return model we structure our fees to share the risk early on and as you grow we will expect to grow too.  That’s shared risk and shared returns on investment.

Contact us today and see how we can help transition your business to a “techie version of itself” making your business stronger and more profitable.


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