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Mindset and measurement

28th January 2015

There is no formula for success online. It takes time and effort to find out what works for your business. Then more time and effort to adapt to changes as your business evolves, internet technology changes and your customers needs change. 

You need to try things out - different text on your pages, different product lines promoted, investigate new social media platforms, try different newsletter content, etc.

The Internet allows you to monitor all these efforts. Where traditionally you might do a newspaper ad and then remember how many phone calls you received that mentioned the ad. With your website you can measure an amazing number of things.

  • Where people come from to an individual page
  • How long they stay
  • What they click
  • What they buy
  • Where they go after that page
  • Facebook can tell you how many people liked and shared your post
  • Mailchimp can tell you how many people opened your newsletter and how many people clicked which link
  • Survey monkey can receive actual customer feedback

Actionable Data

All this data is saved and can generate reports both now and at any point in the future. Reports you can use to guide your business decisions. Answering questions like “What did we sell and how much in February 2014”. “When people booked in the first school holidays, when did they do it and from where”.

Knowledge gained from this data can guide your next effort online. Your business becomes more flexible and adaptive. You respond to what your actual paying customers are doing. Your online presence shifts closer to the current needs of your customers. You please these customers and your market grows.

While your competitors are still doing traditional advertising you are learning more about your customers every day and tailoring your business to their needs.

Get an Expert

As we said at the start, this takes time and effort. If you have not done any of this before it takes more time and effort as you learn these skills. You could get someone to do a website for you. You then buy a website and are left with this great adaptable marketing tool. But what now? Buying the website doesn't include this ongoing analysis and adaption.

This is where we can help, you pay for our experience and expertise. We build websites but we continue to work with you to ensure they bring you the greatest return. You pay for our knowledge both of the changing internet technology and the trends in its use. This is knowledge we are happy to share. It is knowledge crucial for your businesses survival. We do it all for you at first, talking with you regularly and providing reports on our efforts. Then you slowly adopt the things we do. Learning how to measure and change your businesses mindset to be more flexible and adaptive. Learning to meet customers needs where they are.

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