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From Indifferent to Loyal

19th January 2015

We have recently been going through the process of analysing our business with a corporate consultant. This has highlighted the value of our existing customers. Now we always knew that, we always appreciated the people who had worked with us. We knew them as our customers, we had a list of invoices with their name on it. But in the vast majority of cases there wasn't much more to the relationship.

We may think about our business and ourselves as business owners in a certain way, but the way we act can be vastly different. Because of this lack of action, a lot of our customers may not think of us again after getting their website.

They are not dissatisfied

We have been providing a satisfactory product. The website we made for our customer is on the Internet, it is getting some enquiries, it is not revolutionising the business, but it is there. Websites have tended to be treated as a product, a to-do item and a necessary purchase. So when a business owner buys a website, that is it, job done.

Once the website is in place we have then not done anything to dissatify them. We have a small annual fee for domain and hosting. We do minor updates when they ask. Everything just moves along with its own inertia.

Its just all a bit boring and certainly is not setting our customers businesses on fire. Websites can revolutionise a business, allowing it to enter new and larger markets, engage with customers in ways the customers want; but without an active developer and an engaged business owner it will go nowhere.

Great Customers

Building a bigger and more valuable business requires great customers. If we want great customers we have to be a great business. Having a service that is okay or even good will not do. We need to make ourselves indespensible to our customers.

Above and Beyond

That is why our new tagline is above and beyond web design. We want to help your business move to a place where it is reaping all the potential online has to offer. We will take care of everything online for your business from creating awareness and interest in your business to increasing enquiries, referrals, likes, bookings and ultimately sales

Contact us today to step up to this new opportunity. We can help move your customers from indifferent to loyal.