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Fresh Beginnings

26th April 2009

Well this is the first blog for our Armidale Web Design business. I have been building up my skills over the years working for other people. We decided recently to do it for ourselves. My passion lies both in the back end technical stuff, but also as importantly, meeting and helping people, making sites usable and effective. So, from now on, my families livelihood is derived from this business. If you support Waterfall Way Designs you are supporting a young Australian family.

It was a long thought and talked out decision. It culminated in a Saturday morning breakfast in the courtyard of a lovely local restaurant. We took a walk by the river after breakfast and talked things through while our daughter found leaves and sticks. We talked some more at home and then decided. We would make our own way and hopefully our own fortune.

This small business section of our blog will detail our journey and leasons learnt. Stay tuned, it should be fun.?