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Each Client Is Different

4th June 2009

As we cope with reality we try to categorise things, to simplify the complexity of life we create patterns. This is what I find myself inadvertently doing with each new client. I use what has worked in previous client relationships. I treat new clients the same as previous clients. A lot of my recent clients have been busy business owners with no previous website. We discuss a lot of things and establish what is needed and wanted. I get the job done. They are happy, give some minimal feedback and I then revisit them regularly to see how things are going.

As my client base grows I encounter different types of clients. I might encounter people who have had bad website experiences. Our industry is beset with unprofessionalism. From one side you have someones brother knocking up a site in joomla, or you have a decent sized web design company not taking the time to understand their clients needs and just giving them a slap and dash job.

In each new situation you enter you will have to consider the client and their business afresh. You may have just come out of a situation where trust was established easily and you were on the same page as your client. For the next client you need to start from scratch, what may have worked well with one client may be harmful with the next. For example a non technical client may appreciate you composing a technical email for them to send someone. However if a client has some technical skill then an email like that would seem less helpful and more controlling and patronising.

Some initial thoughts anyway, early days still.