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Do you know your customers?

1st November 2018

Most business owners would say “sure I do”. Well, lets do an experiment. Would you be able to answer the following questions with the next customer you interact with?

  • What is their name?
  • Do they live in town?
  • What is their job?
  • What did they purchase last?
  • How long have they been your customer?

For a customer focused business this should be easy. But where is this information stored and how can you access it? Is it in your head? Maybe each of your staff know different things about different customers. If it is in business software like a point of sale how easy is it to use that information to help your business. This ability will future proof your business. As other businesses race to the bottom on price and quality, you can put customers at the center of your business and profit.

The more you know about your customers needs the more you can tailor your offering to meeting their need. Make working with you easy, straightforward and deliver what they desire. Price goes down their list of concerns when you can achieve this because you have helped them move forward. This increased margin can allow you to invest more in your business and get better at pleasing customers. Then good old word of mouth kicks in and you start getting new customers that are the same quality as your existing customers. Some customers may drop off but they can go to your competitors and keep them busy while you focus on quality, well paying, customers.

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