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Caring For Clients

21st May 2009

Waterfall Way Designs philosophy and culture is developing and we need to consider who we want to be. This is a consideration both for our own sense of purpose but also for the financial well being of the company.

I think the best way for a web design company to grow in regional areas like Armidale is to develop close relationships with our clients. You cant just give people a basic cookie cutter website, take the money and run. You have to understand their business, you have to create a website that meets a business need and then measure the success of the website meeting that need. These are not multinational capital city companies with money to burn. They are commonly small family businesses where an accountability for expenditure is necessary. If you are reckless with these relationships you jeopardise your longevity.

If you are considering freelancing or starting a web design business then I think you need to be aware of the people and business skills needed. A lot of your time will be spent gathering requirements and coming to grips with different businesses, different needs and different business owners. You need to give yourself time to understand the business and let your mind settle things into place. Present ideas based on your expertise but be flexible enough to adapt as your knowledge grows.

The first website you deliver to them might not be the one that is in place in 12 months time. Review the performance of the website regularly. See if it is meeting its objective, are there other opportunites to bring money into this business. This ongoing enthusiasm will mean that the outlay they made for the intial website will be recouped sooner. Also, since you are engaged and in contact with them, they are more likely to consider enhancements or upgrades. These are then easier to impliment than starting with a completely new client. Your service and your regular contact will keep you in their mind if anyone asks them about website designers.

You will also find more job satisfaction this way I think. You can see your efforts benefiting people, both the business and people finding their services through your website. Its part of our developing philosophy I think, rather than large upfront money deals and then no support, instead you offer reasonably priced services with ongoing opportunites for enhancements.