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Balancing Act

10th September 2009

We are now two weeks into our armidale web design business. We have done three websites and on our way to a fourth. We have had five decline our services. We have proposal ideas but no more work in the pipeline.

The people side of small business is the biggest challenge for me. With some of my clients we have a seamless relationship. They run a busy businesses and just want the website done. I contacted them for input at appropriate times and quickly delivered a product we were both happy with. We communicated well, I understood their business and they understood what I was delivering. Other clients are used to having to do a lot more themselves, closely controlling what occurs for their business. This is fine, I understand that, I am just having to get used to different personality types and ensure things move forward well. In these cases extra communication is needed and a flexibility of your website design without losing too much in functionality, esthetics or SEO.

Whatever your communications, get to the point. People are running businesses and encounter a lot of information. Quickly give them what you are offering for how much. I believe in not dressing things up or not blatant salesmanship. Your product should have a certain degree of inherent appeal, you are then supporting this with value for money and service. Ensure both parties understand what is on offer and then formalise it in a contract.

I have come back to a few points to drive me on.

  1. Personal Motivation - I want to build my business so I can support my family and do a job I love.
  2. Professional Motivation - I want my clients business to go well. They get more business through my website, they are pleased, I get ongoing work directly and through recommendations.
  3. Regional Motivation - I love Armidale and the new england region, I want to see the region do well, people to shop locally, visitors to be attracted here.

You dont need your clients to gush over your work, they are not your teacher or Mum, they dont need to be your best friends. You need to deliver a quality product, appropriate to their business in a timely manner for a reasonable price. You need to find this balance to protect and promote your business.