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1st Birthday

20th April 2010

Waterfall Way Designs is coming up to its first birthday. We want to take this opportunity to thank those people that have supported us. You have given us the opportunity to live a wonderful work life.

The first year has been a bit of a rollercoaster, but we are still here and solvent. Even when we were going through difficult times, we were still working on our business and contributing to our family. I think this experience has ruined me for working for someone else.

So, down to some facts and figures. We have completed 42 websites in one year.

Armidale - 33

Uralla - 1

Guyra - 1

Tamworth - 1

Dorrigo - 2

Coffs Harbour - 2

Newcastle - 1

Ballandean, QLD - 1

What we have learnt

The lifeblood of our business is:

Word of Mouth

Repeat Business

Business is about relationships. Initially we thought it was about your product, or fancy advertising. What I believe a good business comes down to is client relationships. If you maintain that relationship and during those discussions ensure your product is delivering, the rest looks after itself. Satisfied clients will talk to friends and collegues and you will get new clients. If your product is working well for your client they will be happy to retain you for further work.

We started our business by taking 1-2 page proposals to specific businesses. This proposal was a short pitch about what we could provide that business. This worked well. However in the past 3 months we have not had to send out a proposal. Word of mouth and repeat work has kept us busy.

What has worked

We did a website, business cards, got signs on our car, and business shirts with our logo. Each of these have brought results. We built community service websites, like free business directories, to get our name out there. We are always thinking of novel marketing instead of traditional mass consumption advertising. Twitter has helped us and we have just started Facebook marketing.

What hasn't worked

We have not done any print or radio advertising. We did a mailbox drop but it produced no results for us.

Summing up

What has really thrilled me is the opportunity to work with people to promote their business. It is so satisfying to see a clients business doing well because of my work on their website. I have the chance each day to contribute and get caught up in someone elses business passion. With my work with the Armidale Chamber and my Buy Local website I can contribute to Armidale business as a whole now too.

I would highly recommend starting your own business. Something you are devoted and passionate about. It might have long hours and stress, but in the end, there is nothing better than having all your effort contribute to your family's business.

Again, thanks to everyone that allowed me to work with them and I look forward to meeting and working with more people over the next 12 months.