how we help your business online

With this service our team will continually improve your online presence to increase the returns on your investment. 

  • New website every 3 years
  • Social Media Management
  • Photos and Videos
  • Email Marketing
  • Regular Reporting 

All for one monthly fee, no upfront cost.

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Services Step 1




Services Step 1

01. Your Business 

We talk with you to understand you and your business. We then discuss particular changes occurring or planned, such as expanding geographic reach, new product lines, new industry sector or major business restructure. We get insights from you about your customers and what they would like your website to do for them and then explain ways we will measure your online performance.

Services Step 2

02. Online

This is the stage where we build your website, but we don't just build a product and then hand it over. Websites today are dynamic so we continually improve your site to keep up with technological and creative changes as well as the changing needs of your customers.

Services Step 3

03. Attract Customers

This stage sets up strategies to drive customers to your website. 

  • Content - we regularly create new content for your website - articles, photos, video.
  • Search Engine Optimisation techniques so that your business appears at or near the top of the list in searches.
  • We identify and monitor the most appropriate Social Media platforms for you, set them up and schedule updates so as to engage your customers. 
  • We also create, send and report on email marketing with regular newsletters to your customers.
Services Step 4

04. Transaction

Through our analytics we help you see that a transaction is not only when a customer or client buys a product or service, or makes a booking.  A potential customer or client is also transacting when they make an enquiry or just look through your site. These significant metrics not only measure the performance of our efforts online but give you a wealth of information to increase your business opportunities.

Services Step 5

05. Customer Relationship

We discuss and automate methods for you to identify and record customer details then use that data to inform your perception of who your customers are. This allows us to target specific customers or groups and assist you to improve sales processes and ultimately retain customers.

Services Step 6

06. Accountability

This is where we keep you informed of how we are going. We provide easy to understand reports based on the metrics we established in step 1 and executed in step 4. These could include reports on sales, website visitors and behaviour, new content we have created for you, social media and newsletter engagement.  Whatever information you want, we will work with you to make sure you can and do get it when you need it.

Services Step 7

07. Change Management 

We discuss options for improving your business processes to increase profitability. We can create custom made software to assist you with this, or advise on industry leading software. We educate and train you, but only to the level you want, on the steps we have been taking for you online and the things we have been learning about your customers.  


Because business is in a constant state of change we go back to step 1 to review your business, your customers, your needs and plans.  This way we are with you constantly providing you with key information to help you plan ahead and respond rapidly to change.

Services Step 8


All of these steps are tailored to your unique business and your customers. We pride ourselves on regular, transparent communication.

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