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6 handpicked articles to help your business online

March 13th 2015
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Below are 6 articles we have come across in the last few weeks that have helped our business and we hope they will be informative for you too.

  1. Why Your Marketing Needs to Include Your Company’s Story - with products and services competing more and more on price you need to set yourself apart with a unique story. If this story is easy for you to communicate then it will be easy for your customers to share it too.

  2. Major Google SEO update: Websites that aren’t mobile friendly set to be penalised - Google does not normally tell us in advance about algorithm changes. But on the 21st of April you will notice an impact on your website's results in search. Google has provided tools for you to test the mobile friendliness of your website. For those people signed up to our new business support your websites have already been updated.

  3. Forget tomorrow: retailers must 'fight' with next-hour delivery - this video explores competition in the retail landscape of the US. It is an amazing story, but also informative for us regarding the importance of customer data.
  4. Jon Loomer Talks All About Facebook - good general information from a Facebook marketing strategist. Interview format, so some of your questions will be there.

  5. Quality Content Factors: A List That’s Actually Helpful - this is a practical list of 20 characteristics of quality content. How to write quality articles and content for your website.

  6. Patent filing reveals Amazon’s idea to 3D-print products on delivery trucks - this is your Forage Friday cool bit of info. Buy a product from Amazon in the future and it could be made while it is being delivered to your house!


Thats it for this week, we hope you have a relaxing weekend and a prosperous time next week.


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