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Flight over Sydney

March 6th 2015
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This photo was taken from our plane as we arrived in Sydney. Normally they take us over the ocean to approach the airport, but this time we got Sydney harbour, the bridge, the opera house, a cruise ship, all in this wonderful vista.

We do not fly often but when we do my brain tends to contemplate life. Humanity seems so small looking down from 19000 feet. Endeavours that are so crucial and important and drive us to extremes of emotion seem so distant. As I pass over the towns I imagine little business men and women absorbed with their lives and their local business. I image them having cars break down, contentions with the council, slow customer days and moneyed up tourists. Each person going through their little world making gains and loses, oblivious to us flying above them.

The intention of this flight was to pick up our new car. As we flew over all these little towns I thought back to my town of Inverell and wondered if the car dealerships knew I was getting my new car from Sydney. We bought our previous car from a local dealer, it was okay, but had a few issues. This time we were getting a low kilometer, ex-government vehicle from Pickles Auctions. That morning we had bid for it online taking part in the Auction process from over 500km away. Having won the car we wanted, we organised a flight and got down to Sydney to drive it back home.

Having done our research, this process would save us about $4000 compared to an equivalent car in the New England. That includes costs of flights, stamp duty, etc. Now there is no warranty but it is a young, low kilometre car, so the chances of problems are low and who likes taking a car back to a dealer for a warranty fix anyway. Cars are always a risk. There is also the opportunity cost of me taking a few days off. But I had my mobile and kept up with emails.

It was amazing to walk through this huge shed to find our car. The car was as described and drove beautifully, registered till October, lots of hi tech gizmos and it is a hybrid so should reduce our bowser bills.

I had approached a local car dealer back in Inverell and asked them if they had the car we wanted in stock. He grunted that they had not had one for over 18 mths. I asked him if they were good, he said they were okay. At no point did he try to sell me a car or offer to source one for me. 


Do you know where your competitors are? Do you think your competitors and your market are just in your town? Are there customers currently flying away from you to someone doing your job better?

The internet has made the world smaller, people are buying everything from cars, holidays to shoes online. This has made markets expand and opportunites for customers increase.

Is your business adapting to this online market?